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Departure Information for Halls of Residence

By LaurenRLC 16 May 2022

It's almost the end of the academic year, lets leave on a high and avoid unnecessary fees!

Your residence management team will be contacting you with all the information you need for leaving halls. Make sure you read this carefully and contact them if you have any further questions. You will be given a departure envelope. Make sure you tick, date and sign these and return to your residences reception. 

Remember: if you leave early you still have to pay the remainder of your rent according to your contract you signed. Residences do not provide a refund on this.

So... What to do?

1. Leave your accommodation in a clean and tidy condition:

  • Take all your belongings with you or make use of the 'Love when you leave bins'
  • Clean your bedroom/ensuite and all communal areas before departing
  • Remove all perishable food items from your fridge/freezer and cupboards. Take non-perishable items with you or donate to a food bank
  • Dispose of all rubbish/perishable food items/recycling from your bedroom and communal area(s) in the external bins provided.
  • Close all windows and lock your bedroom door
  • Report any maintenance issues and/or damages as soon as possible before you leave

2. Return your keys:

  • Return all keys to your Residences Reception e.g. room keys or card / post box keys (if reception is closed when you leave, put them in the reception letterbox) on or before 10.00am on 29 June 2022.
  • If you have a bike shed key - remove your bike from the shed and return your bike shed keys along with your room key.

3. Fees:

  • Ensure you have paid all outstanding residences fees.
  • Make sure you follow the information that your residence management team gives you and leave your room in good working order and tidy to avoid any extra charges.
  • You can email if you have any queries about residences fees.

Summer Residences: If you wanted to extend your contract or stay over the summer period, all the information is available to you on the intranet or in Cartref. 

We are your Residence Life Team and you can find us at events running most days in your halls social space. This information is on behalf of the Residences Team. If you have any queries about leaving residences. Please contact your Residence Management Team who will be happy to assist. Their contact details can be found on the front of your residences card.

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